W3000 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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The W3000 is a premium bagless vacuum cleaner with a deep-cleaning motorised powerhead. It also includes a standard floorhead, Turbo hand tool for your furniture and multiple cleaning accessory tools. Learn more about this powerful vacuum below.
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Wertheim W3000 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Room By Room

Living Room

Pets often tend to think of the living room as their home. Luckily, the Wertheim W2000 is more than capable of cleaning up after them! The Mini Turbo Hand Tool has been designed to quickly remove pet hair from furniture and upholstery, and clips easily onto the vacuum hose. This tool is especially helpful if you have long-haired pets that sleep on your furniture, or you need to clean out pet beds quickly.
Wertheim W2000 Mini Turbo Tool



Dining Room

When pets decide to join you in the dining room, things can get messy. Every W2000 comes equipped with a specially designed Turbo Floor Tool as standard, which is perfect for removing pet hair from the floors in your dining room. The Turbo Floor Tool has a rotating brush which allows it to give the carpet a deep clean while simultaneously removing stubborn pet hair. This tool is easy to manouevre under furniture and around table legs, and it is very lightweight.
Wertheim W2000 Vacuum in dining room




To ensure your families hygiene, the W2000 has modern HEPA filtration to remove 99.7% of dust particles from the air. This means you can clean your bedrooms and sleep easy knowing that you are creating a more hygienic environment for your family. You will also save on the power bill because the W2000 has a high-efficiency motor that produces great suction while minimising power usage. This comes in particularly helpful if you have extra-dirty bedrooms to clean each week! Accessories are included with this model to help clean the different surfaces in your bedrooms, such as the crevice tool for cleaning inbetween furniture and the upholstery tool for cleaning the bed.
Wertheim W2000 in bedroom


Hard floors can be a nightmare to vacuum, especially when you have pets in the household. The Wertheim W2000 vacuum comes complete with a unique microfibre floor tool, that helps to collect all dust and pet hair and remove it swiftly from your hard floors as you clean. This clever design also allows you to glide effortlessly across the hard floors in your kitchen and bathroom while dusting the floor simultaneously.
Wertheim W2000 on hard floors
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